Voiding and reissuing a check in a closed period

Voiding and reissuing a check in a closed period


You need to void and re-issue a check that your vendor/recipient has lost or misplaced. The check is dated in a closed period and voiding it would change previous financial reports.

  1. Leave the uncleared check "as is" in QuickBooks. Do NOT VOID this check.
  2. Create a new, regular check payable to the same vendor or recipient. Use today's date and the actual check number and post to the source bank account (same account as the check was written from). Enter the follow memo: To VOID check # 1234.
  3. When reconciling your bank statement, check off the matching amounts on the credits and debits columns for this voided check. This effectively clears the voided check and leaves the real check in the Reconciliation window for clearing when the recipient deposits his/her second check.
Important: Always set the closing date to the end of the closed period to avoid impacting previous financial reports.
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