Check number on a QuickBooks deposit slip

Check number on a QuickBooks deposit slip

You want to print the check number on the deposit slip because your bank scans the deposit slip and uploads it to your online banking account. This makes reconciling deposits easier since you can quickly identify the checks that were included on the deposit.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks for Windows will not print the check number in the top section of the pre-printed deposit slip. It does add the check number to the deposit summary, below the perforated deposit slip.

Note: QuickBooks for Mac released this feature in the R9 release. Hopefully this feature will be added to QuickBooks for Windows soon. (written on 7/3/2012)

Hand write the check number on the check number field on the deposit slip after printing it.


Ask your bank to scan the entire document including the deposit summary to your online banking site. This way you could see the check number in the deposit summary section.


Switch to QuickBooks for Mac (not recommended) :-)
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